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Fuhong Steel Offers a Vast Range of Steels

For any developmental work across the globe in almost all the construction field, steel is an essential material. Besides, steel is widely used for both industrial and household needs. There are various companies across the globe which manufacture steel products. China is one of the leading suppliers of steel today. The country has seen a flurry of companies involved in production and export of Steel products. Howeve
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What is High Speed Steel

What is High Speed Steel High speed steel is also known as HSS steel.It can remain sclerosis and very sharp even in the air cooling. It is a kind of complicated composition of alloy steel, tungsten, molybdenum, chromium, vanadium, cobalt carbide forming elements, etc. Alloying elements amounted to about 10 ~ 25%. High-Speed Steel can still maintain a high hardness(in more than 60 HRC)under the condition of high speed
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High Speed Steel Properties

High Speed Steel Properties High speed tool steel is always doing metallography and hardness test,instead of tensile strength test.Tungsten & Molybdenum HSS can reach more than 63HRC  after proper heat treatment.Cobalt high speed steel can up to 65HRC. HSS Steel pickling macrostructure shrinkage cavity, skull patch whicn is not visible. General osteoporosis of High-speed steel should be less than 1 level. Metallo
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High Speed Steel Category

High Speed Steel Category High speed tool steel is a kind of complex steel.The carbon content is commonly between 0.70~1.65%.And the alloy element content is general up to 10~25%. Classification by Alloy Elements: 1) Tungsten high speed steel (including Tungsten 9~18%); 2) Tungsten-molybdenum high speed steel (including Tungsten 5~12% , Molybdenum 2~6%); 3) High molybdenum HSS (Molybdenum 5~10%); 4) Vanadium high spe
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Chemical Elements In Steel

Chemical Elements In Steels Carbon(C): Carbon is the most important element in the steel, affecting hardness and strength by heat treatment.The ductility and weldability will decrease with content Increasing. Silicon (Si): Silicon is as a principal deoxidiser in the steel, most used in silicon manganese, heat resisting and corrosion steels. Manganese (Mn): Manganese contributes to strength and hardness. It is an Impo
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